Quechua Alliance in Ohio, Recap video 2019

Imaynallan! For the very first time, in 2019, The Quechua Alliance was hosted in the midwest region of the United States. People from across the country participate at this community gathering in the city of Columbus, Ohio. Attendees were welcomed by the amazing community of Ohio State University. We invite you to watch the recap video!

¡Imaynallan! Por primera vez, en 2019, la Alianza Quechua se llevó a cabo en la región del medio oeste de los Estados Unidos. Personas de todo el país participaron en esta celebración comunitaria en la ciudad de Columbus, Ohio. Los asistentes fueron recibidos por la generosa comunidad de la Universidad Estatal de Ohio. Les invitamos a ver el video memoria.

1 thought on “Quechua Alliance in Ohio, Recap video 2019”

  1. I was so thankful to be able to attend the Quechua Alliance Conference 2020. The whole event was conducted on an outstanding manner. All the sessions were very important and with great ideas for a successful teaching. The topics were also pertinent to the conference and all the presenters were awesome. I also liked the cultural part of the conference. Raymi 2 was also a fantastic event! Añay! Sulpayki1


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