F.A.Q. (Frequently asked Questions + transportation/accommodations) 

2023 Quechua Alliance Annual Meeting – Location: Harvard University (Cambridge, MA – Boston Area)

  • How long does the event last? Do I need to attend the whole gathering?

This is a one-day gathering (from 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM). Since the goal is to promote and build up an engaging community, you will be expected to accompany us throughout the whole event. Trust us, it will be worth it!

  • Who can attend? Am I required to speak Quechua or Spanish?

The gather aims to promote space where Quechua speakers, community leaders, college students and scholars can exchange ideas, activities and passion for Quechua. But actually, anyone who is interested in Quechua language is welcome, including non-speakers. We encourage anyone who shares passion for Andean Culture to join us. Native speakers, Quechua students, and enthusiasts of Quechua.

As you might be aware, many native Quechua speakers also speak Spanish, therefore some of the conversations or interactions might be conducted in that language (in case you don’t speak Spanish: this aspect won’t affect your overall experience).

  • Why is important that I sign up in advance?

The event was growing every year until the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we are bringing it back, we want to make sure the venue will fit everyone. As meals are provided, advanced registration is important to ensure enough food is provided for everyone. Finally,  knowing who is attending will allow us better prepare a meaningful program of events. Stay tuned! We expect to open registration around mid-February.

  • How should college groups sign up?

If you are planning to be part of a group representing an institution (college, university, collective), you should contact your Quechua faculty, Center for Latin American Studies or Casa Latina/Hispana before signing up individually. It is always more exciting to participate and coordinate as a group, specially since your institution might allocate funds for you to travel expenses!

  •  Is this event an academic conference?

The Quechua Alliance Meeting is primarily a gathering with different types of activities. Among the activities, we might have some discussions and presentations, games, and dancing. Participants will have the opportunity to submit a presentation in the form of interactive activities, workshops, open discussions, or scholarly talks during the Quechua showcase section of the event.

  • I have kids, can I bring them to the event?

Yes, we will be happy if you come with your whole family. Keep in mind that we won’t provide special accommodations and you will responsible for any minor you bring to the event.

  • Is there any type of travel funding available?

In order to make the event accessible we are unable offer any type of additional funding.

  • I am visiting the Boston area for the event. What hotels are available? 

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, MA. You can looks for accommodations near Harvard Square, but also in downtown Boston since the university is very accesible with the Subways’ Red Line (Harvard station).

  • I am flying in to the Boston Logan Airport (BOS). How can I get to the Harvard campus?

You can take public transportation (MBTA) from the airport. You can also request an Uber, Lyft, or taxi.

  • Do you have any other question?

Please, feel free to contact us at quechuaalliance @ gmail.com