2018 Event program

4th Quechua Alliance Meeting, November 17th, 2018
Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA



9:30am: Check-in for participants
Coffee, Introductions and intro activity in Quechua (greetings)
Participants will be assigned a group that will accompany them during the event.

10:30 AM
Q’oa (Mother Earth offering)

11:00 AM

Interactive Workshops and roundtable discussion: parallel sessions

  • Jessica Huancacuri-Harlow (Quechua Collective of New York): Interactive Numbers Workshop
  • Marilyn Suzanne Manley (Rowan University): Interactive games in teaching Cuzco Quechua language
  • Carlos Molina-Vital (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Quechua Linguistics discussion
  • Jermani Ojeda (University of Delaware, Fulbright) : Short Radio Programs, microprogramas
  • Lis M Arévalo-Hidalgo and Florencia Orlandoni (St. Mary’s College of California): Narrative Strategies in Quechua Testimonio
  • Irma Álvarez Ccoscco: “Qillqay” Project on orality and writing
  • Emily Thompson, Trilingual Dictionary English-Quechua-Spanish
  • Santiago D. Gualapuro Gualapuro (Ohio State University): Presentation of the Kichwa English Shimiyuk Kamu /Dictionary
  • Guido Mamani (University of Notre Dame / Fulbright): “Qichwa Simi Qilqa Raphi” Quechua Language Textbook
  • Caroline R. Shipley (Ohio State University): Recent Hip Hop in Quechua
  • Julia García (Arlington Pubic Schools System): La práctica del idioma quechua, las costumbres, los ritos y rituales en EE.UU.


1pm, Lunch-time event

Liberato kani:  “Quechua & Rap, Urban and Contemporary Indigenous Culture”

Quechua Hip hop Concert


2:30 pm: Presentation of a community award to Elva Ambía, founder of the Quechua Collective of New York.


3:00 PM

Breakout groups – “Ima Rayku” (Why Quechua?)

Participants will discuss their interest in Quechua language study while mingling with others.

3:50pm Group Photo


4:10 PM. Snack break and presentation of “Huaylash” dance and Music
Andean Pan Flutes music by Noe Juarez.


4:30 PM

Panel: Relevancy of promoting spaces for Indigenous Languages and Peoples

Mirian Masaquiza, UN Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Prof. Liliana Sanchez (Rutgers University)
Prof. Serafín Coronel-Molina, GSE ’03 (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Moderator: Prof. Américo Mendoza-Mori (University of Pennsylvania)


5:30. PM Final integration activity with Inkarayku  and closing remarks.


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