Quechua Alliance 2023: Call for proposals

Quechua Alliance 2023

In-person event: April 1, 2023 – Harvard University (Boston Area)

Deadline for proposals: February 16th, 2023

Call in Spanish and Quechua also available

We invite educators, community leaders, scholars, and students to send proposals for presentations. Presentations can take the form of interactive activities, workshops, open discussions, or scholarly talks. Each presentation will last up to 20 minutes in totaland can be presented by one person or a group.

Presentations can be given in Quechua, Spanish, or English. Priority will be given to presentations that include interactive content.

Please submit a title and a 200-250 word presentation description in a PDF document to https://forms.gle/WnWhVeGeckysE1K37  The deadline for submission is February 16th, 2023.. Include participant names and organization in the body of the email (if applicable). Decisions will be sent out by the end of the same month.

Please note that unfortunately the event committee will be unable to assist with participant expenses for travel and lodging.

Possible presentation themes:

·       ●  The integration of Quechua and technology: apps, social media, digital projects

·      ●  Quechua learning materials 

·       ●  Pedagogical strategies in practice: Games and activities 

·       ●  Quechua & the arts (music, film, dance, etc.) 

·       ●  Community outreach in US Andean spaces 

·       ●  Highlighting Quechua-related initiatives 

·       ●  Topics concerning Quechua linguistics

·       ●  Quechua in the Global context

Previous year’ presentation topics included: 

Interactive workshop on Andean clothes

The use of interactive games in teaching Quechua

Presentation of new dictionaries or language textbooks

Narrative strategies in Quechua testimonio

Recent rap in Quechua

Quechua linguistics discussion

La práctica del idioma quechua, las costumbres, los ritos y rituales en EEUU 

If you have questions, please check our F.A.Q. page or send us an e-mail quechuaalliance @ gmail.com